Welcome to the GenomeArk. This site provides access to genome sequencing and assembly data generated by the Earth BioGenome Project, the Vertebrate Genomes Project, the Telomere-to-Telomere Consortium, and other related projects. The principles of the GenomeArk are to be a working space and database repository for high-quality reference genomes for all species. The final assemblies deposited are expertly curated before submission to the public archives (NCBI GenBank and European Nucleotide Archive) for annotation and archiving. We ask that users respect access and give credit to sources of unpublished data in the database. The links below provide summary assembly statistics and instructions for downloading the raw data and assemblies. Expert AWS users can also access this data directly from s3://genomeark and more technical information is available from https://github.com/vgp.

by Project and Completion
All Species Curated Assemblies Draft Assemblies Raw Data Only
All 566 species 369 species 49 species 148 species
VGP 406 species 290 species 32 species 84 species
T2T 10 species 6 species none 4 species
Bat1K 1 species 1 species none none
Number of species at each level of completion.
by Random Species